How to scan a QR (Quick Response) code

Step by step guide to scanning a QR-code with QRApp.

QRApp restaurant QR code displayed in cash register of a restaurant. Customers can scan this qr-code to view the menu in up to seven different languages. A single integrated QR code links to your business contact info, website, social media sites, etc. Print and display your QR sticker on business venue. Encourage your customers to scan your code and build you own local customer network. Promote your business to your local customers with QRApp coupons and video ads.

Step 1

Download the QRApp

To follow along, Download the QRApp by tapping the Download button bellow or scan the code with your smart phone device camera. (If you do not have the app).

Step 2

Point the QRApp QR code scanner at the QR code above

Now, open your QRApp. Select the 'Scan' tab. (this tab is selected by default, when you first download the app). Point the scanner at the QR code above. (Use the slider to zoom in, if you need to). For example, if you scan the restaurant QR code above, the QRApp will scan the code and show you the restaurant page. Tap the menu to see the menu. Tapping the call button will dial the restaurant phone. Tapping the coupon will show any available coupons. The restaurant may have one or more videos, promoting their menu items, special deals etc. When you are done tap the close button, or the top left navigation button to return to the scanner.

Scanning a restaurant QR code will show the restaurant page. Tap the menu to see the menu. Other helpful and common interactions such as tap to call, comment and share are also available.

Step 3

Opening old scans

On the first screen you can find the QR icon thumbnails of your old scans. Tap the icon to open the scanned qr-code again. After you have scanned a few QR codes, you may tap the 'Search' icon. This will present the search page, where you can see title, date of scan etc.

QRApp scanner showing the slider to zoom into qr-codes from a distance. Search button to quickly search your scans. Tap the flashlight button for light. Your scans are saved with a qr icon (thumbnail). Tap the icon to open your saved qr-code again.

Step 4

Searching old scans

Tap the search icon. This is present the 'Search' page. You will see a list of your old scans, a title, and date of scan. Scroll the table to find your old scan. Tap the table row to open it. You may type your search query in the search bar and QRApp will present you a search result from you old scans. You can also tap one of the categories tab above the search bar to restrict your search result.

Search page helps you to quickly find a saved qr code.

Step 5

Deleting old scans

On the 'Scan' tab, long press and hold the old scan you want to delete. A prompt appears. Select Delete. From the 'Search page', swipe right the scan you want to delete, then choose delete with the trash icon.

Long press the qr-code icon to delete the scan.

Step 6

Sharing your scans

It is very easy to share a scan with someone you know. We will use the Pizza house QR code for a demo. If you have the person's phone number or email, open the qr code, by tapping the icon, then press the share button. Select your recipient. QRApp will create a rich link with the qr-card. If you don't have the person's phone number or email, have them scan the code on the QR card.

QRApp allows you to easily share your scanned qr codes. Tap the share button and QRApp creates a rich link to your scan.

12 reasons why you should use QRApp to scan a QR Code


No Ads

QRApp does not show any third party ads before showing you the results of your scans. No banner ads. No interstitial ads. Never.


Saved scans

Your scans are saved with a memorable qr icon, so you may get back to them later.


Search scans

Search your scans, find them easily. Scans are automatically categorized for your ease.


Delete scans

Easily delete your scans by long pressing the qr icon. Or go to the Search screen, scroll to the scan you want to delete, swipe right, and select Delete.


Fast and reliable scan

QRApp has been optimized to scan qr codes very fast.


Zoom in

If you are scanning a QR code from distance, use the slider to zoom in to your code. QRApp allows x10 zoom factor.


Flash light

For low light conditions, tap the flash light to scan your code easily.


Dark mode

QRApp supports both light screen and dark screen mode. Choose the one you want.


Share your scans

If you found a good qr code, you can easily share it with others. For QRApp integrated QR codes, open the scan, then tap the share button. Of third party created QR codes, open it, then tap the share button in the browser.


Like and follow

Tap the search button, find the QR code you want to like or follow. Tap the like or follow icon.


Scan a qr-code with voice command (Siri)

QRApp allows you set up a voice command to scan the code. To set up, go to the More tab on your QRApp, then select 'Settings', the tap Siri.


Save with QRApp coupons

If you scan a QRApp integrated QR code such as QRApp Business QR, Restaurant QR, etc., these QR codes owners may offer promotional coupons directly within the QRApp, which may help you get a better deal and save money.

Create a QR code for your website. Free.

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Create a QR code for your website. Free.

QRApp provides you with tools to create a QR code for your website or social media sites. Free. Once you create a QR code, you will be presented with the QR Dashboard to manage your code. Performance data for your website or social media site QR code is available via in app purchase.

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Create a QR code for your business

With QRApp Business QR, you can link your business phone, email, address, business hours, website, social media sites with a single QR code. Create your business QR, then print and display your Business QR stickers where customers can see and scan. You can promote your business using QRApp video Ads, and coupons with in QRApp. Measure and track how well your QRApp business QR code is performing with built in performance data.

QR code for business. QRApp business QR code integrates a single QR code to access your business website, social media sites, address,
    phone number, business hours and many more important information within a single QR code. You can promote to your local customers with QRApp Coupons and Video Ads.