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Premium quality QR code scanner for iPhone. Scan QR Codes.

QR Code Scanner.

Open your iPhone Camera App. Point your device to the QR Code below. Experience it now!

Experience the QR code Reader by scanning the QR code present in the QR Sticker.

Easy to use

Sleek, modern design. Point and scan.

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No Ads. No Subscriptions.

Tired of those pop up ads? Paying for a QR code scanner makes no sense. Download and scan unlimited QR codes. Free.


QR icon

Easily recognize your scanned codes with a QR icon (A QRApp innovation). Tap again anytime to get back.


Zoom in and out. Search your old scans

Scan codes on TV, or Billboards, on Bus and Taxis. Search your old scans to find the one you need now.

Powerful features such as 10x zoom capabilities, search and QR icons, makes the QRApp QR Code scanner the best choice for 2021

Fast and easy

Point at the QR to scan.


QR Library

Arrange your qr icons. Put your favorite QR code icon in the top!


Easy to get back

Tap and get back to your saved scans.


Scan near and Far

10x zoom capabilities. Scan codes from far away.

Arrange your QR icons or delete...

Have it your way:)

Long press the QR icon you want to move, then drag it to rearrange it. Or select delete. Tap here to download QRApp now

QR Code scanner for iPhone offers you free customization features, such as arranging the qr icons by dragging the icon and deleting the qr code by long pressing the icon and selecting delete.

Find your old scan easily...

Search your old scans.

The state-of-the-art qr code scanner has built in category tags that helps you quickly narrow down the choices.

The state-of-the-art qr code scanner makes it possible to search your old scans. It also categorizes the codes to help you find your scans easily.