Give your guests the convenience they will love. Host your event with a QRApp Event QR. Make things easy with one QR code.

Easily create and manage your event

...Make things easy by linking everything with one QR code. Event address, date, contact phone, email, website, social media, and other important information is linked to a single QR code. Update information anytime.

Receive Cash Gift . Create Guest list. Invite guests with event card and QR Sticker. Send video invitation. .

...Guest can send you cash gift. Know when guests accepts invitation with notification and 'Confirmed' guest list.

Live Stream event. Post event announcements. Share photos and post privately.

...Stay engaged with your gusts by posting important announcements, photos, and comments.

Experience it by scanning the code, or tap here

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QRApp Business QR is the revolutionary new solution for retail businesses to connect with their local customers. Link your phone, address, email, website,  social media with one QR code. Some benefits of using a QR App Business QR is illustrated in this illustration.

One code to link them all

Link all your social channels with one QR code

Add as many social media you like. You can update the page address any time.

Create a free business card qr code with QRApp.

Easily Manage your Event. Let QRApp Do all the hard work. So, you can enjoy the Event.

Easily Manage your Event with QR Dashboard

Your Event QR Dashboard is your one stop solution for managing your Event.

Create a free business card qr code with QRApp.
QRApp Event QR code Dashboard gives you a host of tools to manage your events. Create a geust list, invite guests, create a event budget, live stream event, post private social media, see how many guests are using your Event QR code et.

Quick start guide

Create your Event QR

1. Scan or tap to download QRApp. 2. Select the 'More' tab, then press 'Create QR', then Select 'Event QR' 3. Enter your Event information.

Create a free business card qr code with QRApp.

1. Type in a suitable name for your event. 2. Choose a photo to represent your event. This image will also be used as an icon for your Event QR code that will be saved in your guest's device when they scan to tap the shared link. 3. Put in the event location 4. Type in the Start and End date of your event.


5. Type in the name of the Event host. This name appears when a guest send a cash gift. 6. Select a date when you wish to Live stream your event. 8. Type in the email information of the event host, so that guests may contact you. 9. If you wish to add social media sites for your event photos, posts etc, add them here. Then tap 'Next'


10. Add an invitation video. This can be very personal with you have the opportunity to say something to your invited guest. You can record this video with your device or have it made in other ways then import it to your device. 11. RSVP date. Add this date to inform your gests last date to accept invitation. 12. Add any general information about your event. 13. Gift registry (for weeding, bridal shower etc.) is where your guest can go and get a present for you. 14. If you wish to receive a gift via Mail service, add that address. Then press the 'Preview' button to make sure all the information is provided and accurate. When you are satisfied, hit the 'Activate' button. Proceed through the payment screen. Once the payment completes, QRApp will take you to your Event QR Dashboard. The dashboard is the place you manage your Event.

QRApp Business QR Dashboard allows you to connect with your retail customers, engage with them, get customer feedbacks, and promote your business directly to your local customers using your QRApp